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ipv6 ready

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We have some problem with HTTPS in app . Please use upload by HTTP. All about issues and etc please write to [email protected]
EN: Dont be afraid now we serve openwlanmap.org too. But may problems with HTTPS. Please use unsecure upload.
RU: Не пугайтесь теперь мы обслуживаем openwlanmap.org тоже. Могут быть проблемы с загрузкой - используйте пока нешифрованный HTTP.
FI: Älä huolestu nyt palvelemme openwlanmap.org liikaa. Ei voi olla ongelmia lataus - käyttö on salaamaton HTTP.

How can I contribute to the project?

There are several possibilites to help and to support us actively:
  • You have an own WLAN-network? Enter it in our database! Every network is welcome, independent how remote it is and independent how often it is turned off!
  • You have some friends that also have an own WLAN-network? Tell them about this project!
  • You have an own homepage? Introduce the OpenWifi.su project there and set a link to us!
  • You speak one or more foreign languages? We need translations to other languages! This is quite easy, you do not need any special computer knowledge. When you are able to handle a simple text editor you are ready to start with a translation.
  • You own an Android-Smartphone or -Tablet? Install [email protected] and start this App whenever you take it with you!
You of course will be mentioned here for your kind help and support - in case you wish to be listed in our credits-section.