OpenStreetMap is a free project that creates cartographic data that can be used e.g. for navigation systems. The data that have been collected there are in most cases more detailled and more exact than the data of commercial providers. Because of that OpenStreetMap is a good choice to get the exact position of your WLAN-network in some simple steps:
  1. Go to
  2. Enter the address where your WLAN-network is located at within the search field at the left hand side of the page. Attention: the names of streets should not be abbreviated with "st." or others, here in most cases it is better to enter the full text "street".
  3. Now you get a list of search hits left beside the map. Click the search result that fits best to your location.
  4. Now OpenStreetMap displays this address within the map. To get an as most as exact value, please fully zoom into this map and double-click the desired target position.
  5. Now this position is displayed within the center of the map. As a next step you can click at "Permalink" in lower right edge of the map. This changes the address within your browsers address bar, instead of "" you get an address like "". Mark and copy this new address and paste it directly into the form.