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We have some problem with HTTPS in app . Please use upload by HTTP. All about issues and etc please write to [email protected]
EN: Dont be afraid now we serve openwlanmap.org too. But may problems with HTTPS. Please use unsecure upload.
RU: Не пугайтесь теперь мы обслуживаем openwlanmap.org тоже. Могут быть проблемы с загрузкой - используйте пока нешифрованный HTTP.
FI: Älä huolestu nyt palvelemme openwlanmap.org liikaa. Ei voi olla ongelmia lataus - käyttö on salaamaton HTTP.

OpenWifi.su-related Links

Links to interesting pages and projects that are related somehow to OpenWifi.su, use it or extend it by useful functions. Please note: the pages linked here are outside of our influence, therefore we're not responsible for the contents of these pages. Using these links is on your own risk.

Project URL Thanks to
Open WLAN Map Database to Grid-Square Database Converter https://github.com/treveradams/owmdb2gsdb Trever Adams
Open WLAN Map Public Data Visualizer https://github.com/treveradams/owmpdv Trever Adams