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Number of unique data sets: 11822963

Removed data sets: 23533

Contributors: 1896

OpenWLANMap@Android - collect data automatically

Similar to SETI@home now there exists a possibility to support the OpenWLANMap project easily and fully automatically. To do that nothing more has to be done than to install a small App on your own smartphone or tablet. Once it was executed it runs in background and collects data that are useful for extending the projects database and uploads them from time to time. The user itself is credited by points that can be used to show its ranking comparing to other uses that do the same.

But how's that working in detail? The steps you have to do are quite simple:
  1. download our special Android-App here or in Google Playstore and install it on an Android smarthpone or tablet (also available as minimalistic variant)
  2. start this app; in case you don't have a cheap flatrate for mobile data transfers set the option "Don't access network..." to avoid expensive internet connection attempts via mobile/cellphone network
  3. send this App to the background by pressing the Home-button
  4. take your device with you like you're doing that always
Now all required data (consisting of available WLAN networks and your current geographic position) are collected anonymously and sent to the project from time to time. In case you do not allow automatic network access you should upload the data manually after some time: as soon as you are back home and can access your private WLAN, select the menu item "Upload data" to connect the App with the Internet and the projects database. Then you only have to wait a short time until your rank and score is updated.

You will get one to five points for every WLAN network that is new for the database or for every existing WLAN that has changed its position nameably so that it has to be added to the database again. The exact number of points depends on the measurement quality of that network. WLAN network positions that are already stored in database are used to increase accuracy.

How it works: this App uses GPS to find your current geographic position. In case there is no signal available (may be because you are inside a building or because you currently don't have a GPS fix), OpenWLANMap is used to evaluate your position. This second method of positioning is not available in case network access is not allowed since it requires an Internet connection. That means in this case it might be possible you collect less WLAN-points because you depend on the GPS-based positioning.
The OpenWLANMap@Android-App itself works as ressource-saving as possible. So it wakes up after some seconds to collect the required data for a very short time and to fall asleep fore some more seconds afterwards. During these long times of hibernation nearly no compunting power and therefor nearly no additional battery capacity is used.

As an additional bonus this App offers the possibility to auto-connect to open Freifunk-WLAN networks that are available to the public. As soon as this happened all data are transferred via this network, so this function acts as some kind of automatic internet connection which does not cost you any fees for the data transfer. This option can be enabled within the preferences.
ATTENTION: this function should be enabled only in case your device is secured so that no private data are sent unencrypted! There is the possibility somebody created such an open WLAN as some kind of trap to attack your device or to grab your personal data. But if you protect your device, this function is a nice possibility to have automatic access to public networks and to the internet.

Top list of users active during last 40 days (click here for list of teams):
RankPoints on last uploadTagRankPoints on last uploadTag
1.252603 2.241004Skjerv°y
3.234386trackit 4.186252tobixen
5.178745Oegleaeg 6.164089Doc
7.107631CaptSalty 8.95410
9.90499kb3ien 10.84369opencellid.de
11.84231Emploi 12.78978javitronz@
13.78632fiveoclock 14.78195rubberduckweb
15.75896buckelradler 16.73758SuixoFR
17.68899CheckPoint2 18.68816NLS
19.67865wmwm 20.67684
21.67361lesley 22.64823Featherdale
23.62874Musiklinjenml 24.60510Gaya
25.57789Micha 26.57570radoka
27.57317zuzzurro 28.56333
29.54338tobhaeg 30.49545JMC
31.48445hko 32.47184erzbengel
33.46496 34.43087TVirtanen
35.41056Dade 36.39546Fre
37.39151RealUlli 38.38431SAMBILL.de
39.37031Ajislav 40.35340matija
41.34368Chaosummi 42.33395Knot
43.33341www.vanheusden.com 44.32925OiledAmoeba
45.32340 46.32163oliver
47.30706rsalvaterra 48.30151
49.29452ktsadmin 50.28818
51.27986freak3289 52.27895razvanvg
53.26715unknown 54.24855huhu
55.24732www.piratenpartei.de 56.24661Red_Hill_and_Evil_Wa
57.23294Erlangen 58.23021Luba
59.22360Russia 60.21270www.folgorante.net
61.21221 62.21167wildman
63.21147Mimir 64.21146Bh
65.20490 66.20432
67.2022691F805FC689 68.19931f514nc0
69.19807taranarmo 70.19148artoke
71.18556Red_Hill_and_Evil_Wa 72.17853klondike
73.17564kevinquiatkowski.de 74.17333sangaboo
75.16914geomannie 76.16502
77.15846Bionictrip 78.15789euept
79.15293 80.15094nimbvs
81.15050pablopb 82.15042joelmx
83.14598mpi 84.14553awesomelandscapes.tk
85.14459Metapedia 86.13990
87.13972Red_Hill_and_Evil_Wa 88.13831
89.13781merlin65537 90.13465
91.13427Peter_Pan 92.12826Bamf
93.12822I 94.12808
95.12628 96.12271trackmattes
97.12129 98.12086
99.12065adriank 100.12063Wardriver#1
101.11822? 102.11752ravel
103.11700tubeli 104.11420
105.11180scanning 106.11118
107.11096*WSC* 108.10453kevinquiatkowski.de
109.10353uniras 110.10306khw@posteo.de
111.10129Today. 112.10102mike921
113.9803Jolting 114.9794Lucia
115.9792 116.9635Saspiron
117.9225www.shareAir.net 118.8981
119.8897ways 120.8876Dude.
121.8862juna 122.8693Russia
123.8643 124.8586
125.8335 126.8265
127.8213trololo 128.8087
129.8079 130.8035
131.7946Freedom-fighter 132.7916
133.7777fenan 134.7562
135.7280 136.7077Scanner0815
137.6824Curi 138.6774
139.6770Kolargol00 140.6767
141.6765 142.6656
143.6343 144.6343
145.6250 146.61623Fingersalut
147.6032YMka 148.5978
149.5963ppp2125 150.5922
151.5866 152.5728
153.5683razvanvg 154.5669
155.5569BAL 156.5514
157.5442 158.5289
159.5214WaKaRu 160.5208Ente
161.5151MathCoder666^999 162.5040
163.4713egon0 164.4656
165.4594 166.4591nuggets
167.4583thisisabotnet 168.4552
169.4416Willy 170.4370
171.4350 172.4255
173.4236 174.4226
175.4120reezer 176.4070
177.4030mailerdeamon 178.3880greggrossmeier
179.3867 180.3845Iddqd
181.3779 182.3763CrowdfundingDojo.com
183.3754 184.3732
185.3715Osterhase 186.3675hhhm
187.3578TopAssis 188.3533ffarfan
189.3503 190.3442
191.3426m-p{3} 192.3302
193.3258 194.3077
195.3057 196.3016Kiki
197.2979 198.2863
199.2814 200.2702
201.2690 202.2645tizlywold
203.2639 204.2615sli
205.2577 206.2544
207.2370 208.2311Ajsrzombie
209.2269 210.2251Sh0uld
211.2162 212.2160js
213.2138 214.2088dammy
215.2005 216.1966
217.1960Namosem 218.1932
219.1923 220.1878
221.1856 222.1822
223.1676ark 224.1661
225.1594 226.1585
227.1546Eric 228.1438
229.1437SuixoFR 230.1421
231.1339 232.1336
233.1319ggd 234.1284Skjerv°y
235.1267 236.1264
237.1261 238.1260Skjerv°y
239.1215 240.1212
241.1158 242.1083Jockel
243.1039pliskin 244.961
245.921pirap 246.891
247.889Skjerv°y 248.866
249.844 250.833kasged19
251.823Krusnik 252.816Skjerv°y
253.801Elf111@jabber.ccc 254.782
255.770 256.741
257.740rubbergonzo 258.739
259.720 260.720
261.706 262.705
263.692 264.669
265.666 266.628gio
267.587 268.560hgfluf
269.546Bńrliner 270.536
271.530Wutzofant 272.525
273.519 274.480
275.473 276.46732
277.447 278.442
279.421 280.402
281.389 282.388xdoo
283.366 284.363
285.346 286.341
287.330 288.326
289.322 290.321
291.320 292.312
293.304 294.291MacLee
295.289 296.281
297.271Skjerv°y 298.269
299.267 300.260
301.249 302.249
303.232 304.196wummelwurz
305.156 306.151
307.146 308.144
309.139 310.129
311.116Bńrlinerin 312.111Skjerv°y
313.86 314.70
315.66 316.48
317.43 318.5

Privacy: This App requires the following privileges:
  • Own Location - exact GPS location for evaluating current position
  • Network communication - unlimited Internet access to send data, to download the current map and - in case this option is enabled - to evaluate the position by using OpenWLANMap in case GPS is not available (for an example inside of buildings)
  • System-Tools - deactivate Stand-By-mode so that tablets don't fall asleep and stop scanning; change WLAN state to stay at least in scan mode and to search for existing WLANs while consuming as less power as possible; start after bootup automatically - in case this option is enabled within the preferences
  • Change contents of SD-card - to save own overview map and to cache map tile data
This App evaluates and stores exact position information. This position is evaluted either via GPS anonymously or by using the OpenWLANMap project. During position evaluation no data are submitted which would give the possibility to identify a user in any way. The position information are stored in a way that gives not the possibility to create motion profiles for a user. But because of the nature and structure of the created data it would be possible to generate whereabout-profiles for a user. But these profiles could not contain any personal data nor exact information about the time somebody was at a specific position. An assignment to a specific user of this App is done only to let that user take part at the contest and for a listing within the ranking (the top list). Users of this App are stored anonymously and by using a continuous number only, there is no possibility for the OpenWLANMap project to have a namably known user just based on the data that are collected by this App.